See below for some excellent resources to arm you with information when thinking about buying or financing a car. 


List of Some Car Loan Providers in Australia - No one loves a list more than us! Making a list, checking it twice. 

Ways to Compare Car Loans this article has some pointers on how to compare car loans.

Preparing your Vehicle to Sell Privately

Bad Credit Car Loans - Its good to be bad, sometimes, not always. There are options out there to obtain car finance for those with bad credit. 

Info Guide - Title Loans are a short term lending option for applicants who already own a vehicle. 

A Guide for First Time Car Buyers - Find some tips from industry veterans. 

10 Common Mistakes When Financing a Car  Making one mistake is often manageable, making ten mistakes is rarely pretty. Don't end up like Bruce, read this article!

Australian Electric Vehicles Compared