Used Car Warranty’s in Australia


A Guide to Used Car Warranties in Australia

Each Australian state has different requirements and warranty specifics. This guide will explain the specifics of warranties associated with each state.

Please scroll down to see the state in which you are interested in.

Used Car Warranties in Queensland

Statutory Warranty are entitled to the buyer at no extra cost when they buy a second-hand vehicle from a licensed chattel auctioneer or a licensed motor dealer. This warranty covers you when the vehicle’s odometer reading is less than 160,000 km and date of manufacture is less than 10 years before the sale date. These warranties expire after the first 5,000 km or 3 months. This warranty doesn’t apply to motorcycles, caravans, commercial vehicle, vehicles that can’t be registered because of design, vehicles that are on the “written off” register and vehicles being sold on consignment for a private seller.

It is the responsibility of an auctioneer or dealer to tell you if the vehicle doesn’t come with a statutory warranty. They can do this by stating it in an advertisement, putting a notice on the price tag or placing signs at the main entrance to their dealership. Statutory warranties cover most defects such as if the part isn’t do what it should or is worn out and doesn’t work.

It doesn’t cover:

  • Lights
  • Fitted airbags
  • Radiator hoses
  • Batteries
  • Tyres/tyre tubes
  • Installed radio/CD player
  • Aerials
  • Spark plugs
  • Wiper rubbers
  • Oil or oil filters
  • Heater hoses
  • Fuel or air filter
  • Paintwork
  • Upholstery

Repairs are done at an authorized repairer or by the warrantor. They have 14 days to fix your vehicle. The repairer must be 200 km from your home. The amount of time they take to fix your vehicle is added on to the end of your warranty period.

NSW – Used Car Warranties in New South Wales

The ACL requires that goods supplied must be of acceptable quality. They must look acceptable, be safe and lasting and do all the things that they are expected to do. A dealer guarantee here requires that motor dealers repair or make good at their own expense any defective reasonable condition regardless of age. The limitation period for a dealer guarantee starts when the purchaser takes possession of the vehicle or the sale is complete, whatever is first. For second-hand vehicles, it is required for those driven less than 160,000 km and are less than 10 years old and last for 5,000 km or 3 months. The dealer guarantee doesn’t apply to a motor vehicle sold by a dealer that is unregistered, a motor vehicle sold by a dealer at an auction if the dealer’s notice states there is no guarantee or the damage occurred after sale caused by misuse or negligence of the driver.

A statutory warranty applies only to vehicle bought at a licensed motor vehicle dealer. It applies to vehicles with a purchase price of $4,000 or more or motorcycles $3,500 or more. A statutory warranty doesn’t cover batteries, tyres, accessories, GPS systems, cigarette lighters, clocks, keyless entry systems, remote key pads, add-ons from the buyer or routine services. A statutory warranty doesn’t transfer to a new owner if the car is sold before the time limit or mileage provisions were used. These warranties don’t apply to commercial vehicles or cars sold at public auctions.

South Australia – SA Used Car Warranty’s

The period of a used car warranties in SA (South Australia) is determined by the purchase price of the vehicle.

  • $3,001 – $6,000 provides coverage for the first 3,000 km travelled or two months (whichever occurs first).
  • Over $6,000 gives cover for the first 5,000 km travelled or 3 months (whichever comes first).

A vehicle sold for less than $3,000 and that has travelled more than 200,000 km or was registered more than 15 years ago is not covered by a statutory warranty. Vehicles sold at an auction (if there is no advertise of no dealer guarantee) can have the same warranty requirements too. Make sure to research the auctioneer’s name, the name and address of the previous owner, the odometer reading and whether or not the vehicle is covered by a warranty before purchasing.


Please note that there is no statutory cooling-off right for motor vehicle sales in this state. There is no legal requirement for the contract to be in writing or any warranty protection for private sales. The seller doesn’t have to pass a clear title to the vehicle or fix anything that goes wrong with the vehicle.

However, sales at licensed dealerships, must provide a contract in writing in detail. A dealer guarantees that the second-hand vehicle is in working order except anything noted in a pre-sale disclosure statement. This document sets out details of the vehicle with a list of faults.

A statutory warranty applies to motor vehicles sold for a fixed price by auction houses. It also applies to a licensed motor vehicle trader. This warranty doesn’t apply to vehicles sold on consignment. A warranty must be supplied for:

  1. Vehicles (no scooters or motor bikes) that have travelled less than 120,000 km and have a compliance plate less than 7 years prior to its sale
  2. A trike, motor bike or scooter that has travelled less than 15,000 km and has a compliance plate less than 3 years before its sale

This warranty lasts for three months after the vehicle is delivered or after it has been driven 3,000 km. If the vehicle is used as a taxi, was repossessed, the odometer is altered, the car is used for rally driving/motor racing or if the purchaser sells the vehicle to another person, the warranty is void.

According to Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading, this warranty doesn’t cover any defect that occurs in:

  • a brake lining, pad, drum, disc, clutch pressure plate, spigot bearing, clutch release bearing or flywheel clutch plate, tyre or battery
  • is subject to a manufacturer’s recall
  • results from unauthorised repair
  • results from failure to maintain or service the vehicle after sale
  • results from misuse, negligence, immersion in water, collision, accidental or deliberate damage, or water freezing after sale
  • results from racing after sale; or
  • results from unauthorised modifications after sale

If a problem occurs covered by the statutory warranty, a claim for repair must be made within 7 days of the problem being discovered or within 7 days of the owner being notified that the manufacturer has refused repaired under their warranty (if applicable). The repair must be carried out according to standards and must be fit for purpose and in reasonable condition.







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